Find a Cure

I originally purchased the domain in order to create a site that would spread awareness about breast cancer using bumper stickers with the slogan “i love boobs.” My inspiration was a billboard designed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That idea never materialized. It was later that I decided I had enough free time on my hands to create a link blog of the interesting internet stuff I come across on a daily basis I had this domain around and so I decided to use it. The intent is to be clever rather than perverted. In an effort to keep at least some aspect of the original intent of this domain I would encourage anyone who reads this to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. If you have an account with facebook you can join the “i love boobs” facebook group. I do love boobs, as well as every other part of the human body which I believe to be one of the finest examples of the art of God. The more people know about breast cancer, the better we can work to sustain God’s wonderful creation.

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